Monday, April 12, 2010


Why do people work so hard? For money? For their love one? No one know the real answer, do they? Cause it depends all on your perspective.. For me..I don't know the answer..

Just because you get a bad review, does it make you a poor worker? Again, I dunno..all I know is, because of that one review, my whole day has turned upside down. I always believe that I am easily persuaded..and here's the prove...a good review could cheer me up a 100%, up to the point that I can't stop smiling to myself..but a bad review? Poof! There goes my day..moodswing 100%..

What is my purpose in life? What am I really fit to do? Why do I feel like I can never do something good enough..or be that bit better than someone else? Why do I feel so average? And why can't I stop thinking about these questions I really have no one special capability? Am I always destined to be just an average person?

I dunno..

Friday, March 26, 2010

Living Abroad

Have never realised how hard it is to live abroad, away from your family and friends, as well as all the luxuries you experienced at home. Recently, beginning to feel a little homesick. Feeling moody lately, and often feel sad. It scares me really, because I have never felt this way ever since the incident.

Am now beginning to appreciate life at home, the good food and luxuries that I have enjoyed, the care that my parents shown towards me. What they say is certainly through. You never know how lucky you are till you lose all that. Well, technically I didn't lose it, just being away from all that makes me more appreciative of what I have in life.

Seeing couples on the street, holding hands and acting all lovey I wish I have someone like that too.. Someone whom can cheer me up whenever I am down, one whose shoulder I can lean on and cry my lungs out, one who I can share all my happiness with, my stories with...the big IF friend often console me by saying I for sure will find someone who will cherish me and love me. I get what they mean, but I'm getting abit restless here. Am beginning to think that I can never find that special someone. I know..I know, I shouldn't think that way..but I can't stop all these feelings..and its getting stronger and stronger, especially when I am all alone in my room. It overwhelming me! Help!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

International buffet

Yesterday, me, Pei Ting, Pei Chin, Siu Hong and Stella went for these really super duper nice international buffet restaurant called Vienna. Its about SGD 31.50 per person for lunch from 11.30am - 3pm. But the thing is, I forgot to book for a place. Lucky thing is, they still have available seats. But, we have 2 choices..

If we were to seat outside, meaning non-air-condition, we can stay till 3pm. But if we were to seat inside the restaurant, we can only stay till 1.30pm before they shoo us away. After pondering for awhile, we decided to seat inside, as we most probably won't eat for so long.

We ate till about 1.30pm, took a group photo, then left the restaurant and went for window shopping at the nearby shopping mall till we feel really sleepy and decided to head back to our seperate home to rest.

P.S. Sorry for not uploading the pictures as I do not have them now. Promise to upload them once in my next blog..Or you can view my facebook for the pictures...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Biscuits for sale!!!

Have been allocated to a client this past week and yesterday was my last day there. While working there, found a stall which sells biscuits and I was like going gaga over it. Haha, why? Because I absolutely love biscuits..All kinds of biscuits will do. You name it..chocalate, vanilla flavoured, coffee, even the plain round them all..

Anyway, the stall was like selling biscuits which you can find back home at pasar malam... and the biscuits tasted quite good. So after trying it, I called my besties in Singapore, Siu Hong the Pei's to see whether they want any. Ended up, I bought over $22 of biscuits. Haha.. but the things is, the stall owner is so meticulous..I buy so much also don't get discount! ish! Even when wieghing the biscuits also keep taking out 1 biscuit then giving 2 extra biscuit will do anything...haih!

Alrighty then, got to get ready to go out de..that's all for now..stay tune for more updates! Caio for now...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Random thoughts

Just realised, for every chinese new year, I would be with my family from Day 1 all the way to day 15. This is the 1st year I am unable to be with them throughout the 15 days. Makes me realised something. I miss my family! I know, i know.. I have to be away from them to feel the pain.

Since this year's chinese new year is so short..having to spent only the 1st 2 days of chinese new year with my family, while having to travel back to Singapore on the 3rd day, I hardly had any time to hang out with my family, let alone having heart to heart talks with them. Lucky thing is, my sis is still here! So get to see her and chat with her throughout the nights. If not, won't be able to do so for another year...boohoo...

Family is the foundation behind a person's success or failure. Honestly, I believe that. What can you do with all the money and famous glory but without having a supportive family behind your back? I for one, would rather have my family with me all the way, then to give up on them for money and success.

Just a random thought that pop into my head...